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[10 Mar 2006|11:31am]

Hey everyone! I'm scanning pages out of the big Furuba artbook if anyone has any requests for icon pictures I can get them to you this weekend.
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[06 Mar 2006|11:03pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Hey~ This is Ritsu's new journal because the other one was really cluttered and I couldn't remember the pswd. So the obvious solution was to make a new one. =D;

Please friend this one and unfriend the richan_san one~ ♥

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YAY EVENT! [04 Mar 2006|11:53pm]

TWIGGY, GAISCE, KOMI, and GRYFF: Can you comment here with your free times?


March 5: Free during the day, but watching the Oscars during the night. Woe.
March 6 - March 16: Free any time after school, and free all day during the weekend SANS March 10th, which is my friend's birthday.
March 17 - March 28: Softball Spring Training. Woe. AND JAPAN. Not as much woe, but still internet-less.
March 29 - April 2: Free if you give me much advance notice. I'll be in Hong Kong.

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REVIVAL! [04 Mar 2006|11:49pm]


Well, not really a remix. BUT, we ARE restarting! We've contacted most of you already about the new plotline, but for those who haven't gotten the message, it's up on the main community's user info for your perusal. ANYWAYS, some general rules to refresh your minds with ~

1. No wank. We hate wank. You wank, you out. But since we're such a fluffy, cow-tipping, bunny-stewing crew, I doubt that'd be a problem. Right? Right?
2. Post in your journals or the main events board once every two weeks.
3. Mini-events will be given out monthly, so you've got a month to complete them. If there's a reasonable reason (and that's up to the mods) as to why you can't get it done on time - exams, work, sudden incapacitation in the hospital - we'll give you an extension. Really, we're rather reasonable people.
4. Journal entries, first-person, in the journals. Events, edited and third-person, in the events comm. OOC posts and announcements from the mods in the main comm. PLEASE tag the events with the names of the characters in them.
4. *copy-pastes the rules from all over the world, including DON'T MIX UP A PERSON'S CHARACTER WITH HER REAL PERSONALITY et al.*
5. You guys can make up your own sub-plots too! If it's huge, make sure it's okay with everyone it involves first, and just run it by us, though, okay? We don't bite (much).

Contact Info For the Mods:
Miya: souma aya (AIM)
Michan: ClosetChefNeko (AIM)

Anyways, y'all know each other, right? Don't f!lock your stuff, and lets get this crack going!

- Update your profiles, if you need to.
- Post in your character's journal "REMIX!PLOTLINE STARTS HERE" or something to that effect.


Yuki, Kyou, Haru, Momiji

It's not the school that's the problem, it's the people that the Souma boys have difficulty dealing with.

As human nature would have it, Yuki still charms the student body with zero effort. Compared to the students at their previous school, their new schoolmates are more inclined to grope attractive things. When the touchy hands get out of control, Haru gets overprotective and engages black mode, trashing school property and punching Momiji in the process. Kyou, upon noticing the commotion, misunderstands things a little bit and assumes someone is trying to pummel Yuki.

An accidental exclamation from the redhead leads the whole school into believing that Kyou and Yuki are involved in an S&M relationship.
Word gets around the family through the journals, and soon the rest of the Souma are hot on the Manly Romance going on in Shigure's house.

Hatori, Ayame

Hatori's on his regular angst trip, especially after having to midwipe (nearly) an entire school of their memories.
And it's Ayame, who initially drops by to gush about his brother's progress in Manly Romance, to the rescue!

Shigure, Kureno

Shigure receives an anonymous invitation to a blind date with a "super cute high school girl" at the local amusement park!
Upon arrival, he finds Kureno waiting at the entrance gates. It seems Kureno too, had received an anonymous invitation. It's time for cousin-bonding!

Rin, Hiro, Momiji, Ritsu

Hiro's taken on the job of reporter for the school newspaper to earn himself extra credit. He needs a photographer, and decides to ask Rin for help. Rin, building up a portfolio for future endeavours, agrees to help Hiro in his investigation of the school's "7 Ghostly Mysteries" (which leads to rather raunchy discoveries):

1. The library's mysterious shaking shelves
2. The night-time swimming sounds from the pool
3. The ghost and scary mist in the men's washroom
4. The mysterious flashing lights in the staff room
5. Skin-crawling sounds of nails on a chalkboard in classroom 2-D
6. The school bell that rings though no one's there
7. Doors that open and close at exactly 12 midnight

Momiji's sensitive bunny ears get to hear of Hiro's new project, and decides to tag along for the fun of it. By Ayame's suggestion, he even manages to pull Ritsu into it, as an effort to help the latter with his confidence~!

Tohru, Kyou, Yuki

Shigure, not helping any in the recent misunderstanding, slips questionable toys and equipment into the boys' cupboards, just for the heck of it.
Yuki and Kyou, while thinking of a discreet and appropriate method of disposing of the pagan things, agree to hold on to them until an appropriate idea comes to mind.

Tohru, doing her chores as usual, comes across a startling find on one of her rounds! A box of questionable toys and equipment in each of Kyou's and Yuki's cupboards! Being innocent and naive, she pulls the interesting contraptions out into the open and asks the boys about the purpose and practicality of said things.
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Pokey, pokey! [28 Jan 2006|03:06pm]

Hello everyone~!

/totally random
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[05 May 2005|09:39am]

[ mood | curious ]

Anyone know if Momiji is gonna post in the Tohru Investigation?

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New Shigure reporting for duty~! [27 Apr 2005|03:30am]

[ mood | content ]

Hi everyone~! Keryn here as the brand spanking (emphasis on spanking) new Shigure, hoping to bring romance, smut, and sparkles into your everyday lives. Aya-- I hope you weren't cheating on me while we were parted. *thumbs up*

(aim: fallofrain143 -- please IM me~! I love being cracky talking to new people ^_^)


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*DA PING* [06 Apr 2005|11:32pm]

Alright, how to say this ....

We are very quiet. I know there's been breaks with people (including myself) going on spring break trips and then there's school and work and a thousand different things life throws at us. So the question is: How can we get back into a fun, relatively moving RPG?

I want your input - how do you think we should go about making Toxic fully active again? We've tried posting events which sometimes get thoroughly ignored (I'm not sure you want to see the list), and 'punishments' don't really work, since they either involve MORE event-RPs (which tend to get ignored) or banning (which is really bad considering our current state). Really, the larger question is " How can we raise enthusiasm and encourage people to RP more?"

Should we draw names out of a hat? Should we start having structured plotlines to boost RPing? Some of you are awesome with the "Omakase" policy, some of you I really haven't heard from in at least two months.

Please comment to this post so we know you live, and if you have any ideas, suggestions, thoughts, even flames, just put that in. Sorry if I sound snarky or something (I know I'm partially guilty for this too), but I think it will really take a group effort to get this going, and I really hope not to see Toxic flatline.


Twiggy, d'ya mind if you post your free times so we can throw Yuki in a trenchcoat and get together?
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[03 Apr 2005|11:46am]

I'm baaack ~ ! <3

Sorry if this is short....i'm fighting off some serious hunger atm XD
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[17 Mar 2005|12:40am]

Hai, hai ~ I don't know if you guys know or not (I told some circles randomly, and have gotten completely confused...SO)

I'm going on a class field-trip to ITALY tomorrow ~ ! I'll be gone until April 1 - 2. I won't be able to do RPs then, and I'll see if I can get to the journal.

Of course, lucky me, scheduling worked out peerfectly ~ ! ^^ Since Kyou's test results didn't come out so hot (I don't remember what kind of test they were, but I remember there was a head-test and if it didn't come out well, he'd have to stick around until it got better XD) Meaning Kyou's shacked up in the hospital for the next two weeks ~ ! ^^

Since he's in bedrest, naturally, he can't get on the computer, which will explain the lack of postage from him ~ ^^

So yeah, that's why if you don't see me on in a while .... I didn't randomly kick the bucket XD
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[03 Mar 2005|04:21pm]

Alright ~ Anyone who is bored can come visit Kyou in the hospital ~ *hinthint* XD

And does anyone want Akito for the day-when-all-the-shit-happened? If not, I'm gonna write up her LJ post ~ ^^
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[02 Mar 2005|10:07pm]

Backdated entry seen at the journal.

Uhm.. forgive me. ehehe. procrastination and midterms got the better of me.
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[23 Feb 2005|04:48pm]

[ mood | confused ]

Really quick (and possibly stupid) question.

How OLD is everyone?

Cause.. seeing in that Hiro Momiji post.. er.. Momiji's 21. So.. they're in university?? Haru is too?
Kyou, Tohru, Yuki? Well, Yuki's in university (what year?) I know for sure.
So Hiro, being 16 would be in like, high school... 2nd year? ACK.

If that being the case.. I have some logs I'd like to correct. Hehehehe.

PS: And Jen says that would make the trio REALLLY old. Heheheh. Heh.

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Argh! [01 Feb 2005|09:18pm]

Okay... to those expecting me tomorrow (2/2) night, I'm going to be a bit late since we're watching a movie in my Pirates class. So I shall be thirty minutes or so later than I thought I was going to be. ^^; I'm sorry~ But I do have the log edited! So I make up for these things. <3 Even though I said I'd do it today anyway~ Hahaha~ Love Gure~
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[22 Jan 2005|08:35pm]

Ey everyone. It's me, Karly/Hana.. with Kisa's journal. Please add me when you get the chance to! Thanks. <3
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[10 Jan 2005|09:44pm]

*Ping* Crotchless ~ ! XD

Alright, hearing from everyone the consensus seems to lie on the weekend. I will throw out for an experimentary (is that a word?) time Saturday, Jan. 15, 9pm EST. Ping if you can come, can't come, and if you can't come what times you can ^^;
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Yo ~ [06 Jan 2005|04:27am]

And we have an Akito, to some people's delight and some people's despair. This is Michan/Kyou, ready to play our current psycho/needy/problem-causing head of house ~ =D Yoroshiku ne, I'll do my best ^^;

For Akito, I'm going to be following mostly the manga up to Chapter 103 or so .... If you're curious as to what the entails, IM me, since I'm not sure if everyone keeps up with the manga/wants to get spoiled.

.....On another note, Kyou'll also be following a bit of the manga. The only change that means is that Kyou and Tohru are closer *nodnod*. 'Tis a tricky situation our neko is in. But don't worry, our cat is def. with our rat; me and Twig have done too much to drop that too quickly!
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[05 Jan 2005|10:20pm]

Just to let everyone know that your favourite bunny (NOT bunny stew) is back! At least I think I'm back? Well, I'm back unless Miya decides to revoke my membership ;__;

And so Momiji shall be making things lively for you once again!

*draws on Hiro's face*
*tips the cow*
*squishes the snake*

There, I think that about covers all I needed to do ^_^V
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New Years [02 Jan 2005|12:03am]

I know that New Years is a big event for the Soumas. Were we gonna rp that at all?
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*ping*! [30 Dec 2004|05:47pm]

Hoorah for internet! I was (tech...am) in SE Asia, meaning lots of water and things and not much internet, if you've seen news lately. Although I'm not sure if it really showed in the US.....

Anyways, I have come to say that in this coming Early January, I have exams, so if you need Kyou, best to get it done before.

Crotchless Pants Crew: You know who you are =3 I wanna know if you guys are free to all get together, since if we don't, this will be put on hiatus for....quite a while ^^; So post your free times here ASAP and hopefully we can get something together.

My free times are: January 1st, evening and night (I come back to the states then), January 2nd during the day. After that it's review and exam week, so I'll try and free up a time if everyone else is free then, but um...yeah ^^; Can't guarantee anything.

....This can also go for the Gure Party Crew if we're having problems with the email ^^;

Also, considering our unfinished group RPs, I'd imagine a large X'mas party would add to the confusion ^^; However, if people are up for small X'mas parties (ie: small enough to get together often enough to not end up posted on, say, Valentine's Day) that'd be all good =3

Twig: Since I'll be seeing ya online Jan. 1st, do you wanna spam any more KyouxYuki on the events comm? XD If not, we still have The Plot Bunny to discuss since um, yeah...*pokes RP* ^^;
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